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Cryptocurrency SEO – SEO for Crypto, Blockchain Websites

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Cryptocurrency SEO – SEO for Crypto, Blockchain Websites

Cryptocurrency SEO – SEO for Crypto, Blockchain Websites

Cryptocurrency websites require a special focus on SEO not simply because it has high competition, but there are several other reasons too.

As we all know, cryptocurrency is a trending topic nowadays, Google is also aware that there are a lot of scams that are happening in this industry around the globe. To ensure that the information present on a website is legit, Google goes through additional checks which in return makes it more difficult to attract search traffic for websites that are comparatively newer.

Let’s first talk about what exactly SEO for cryptocurrencies is.

What is Cryptocurrency SEO or SEO for Crypto, blockchain websites?

Cryptocurrency SEO is a methodology of doing SEO for websites that specialize in Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency SEO can help boost the revenue of a website by pumping the organic search traffic on the website through trust flow, citation flow, authority flow, etc.

How is Crypto/blockchain SEO different from normal SEO?

Cryptocurrency is a part of the finance industry, hence, crypto or blockchain websites require special attention. Google implements EAT and YMYL algorithms to check if the data that the website intends to show is actually based on some real stats or are just assumptions/opinions.

Even though cryptocurrency is a part of YMYL, the usual white-hat SEO practices are sufficient to rank a crypto-based website with minor changes.

Now let's understand what this YMYL and EAT exactly means for SEO in the crypto or blockchain industry.

If you are from the SEO background, you must be already aware of these terms, but for those who are not, I'll give an overview.

EAT and YMYL simply means defining the source of data mentioned or written on a page to prove the legitimacy. Writing is not merely sufficient to be considered as true.

Anyone can write, but it is important to refer to the sources of the information, also, the expertise of the author writing the content.

How exactly is SEO done for Cryptocurrency Websites?

Here are some of the things that need to be taken care of while working on SEO for a cryptocurrency-based website:

Keyword Research

The first and foremost thing to start with is keyword research. Consider keyword research as the base of SEO. This is simply because defining the audience is very important before creating content. By doing keyword research one can easily identify what users you need to target and what exactly they are looking for.

Even before you start writing or you instruct the writers to create the content on cryptocurrency, the first thing you need to convey is that cryptocurrency comes under the EAT module of Google.

Content Creation and Optimization

“Content is the king” remains true for cryptocurrency SEO too and will always be for all other niches as well. Google has already stated that if the content of a webpage is great, other aspects of SEO can be ignored such as a number of backlinks, press releases, citations, etc.

Internal Linking Structure

Every internal link is considered equal to a backlink, hence, you need to take care of what anchor is being given to a page. Also, the relevancy of the content should be taken care of. Some of the links can be generalized and can be linked throughout the websites such as from the footer and header.

Multimedia within the content

It is important to make the web pages interactive to improve dwell time. Even though dwell time doesn’t add up to the ranking factors, but definitely helps in branding. If the dwell time increases, the probability of your brand is recognized. The more the dwell time, the more will be the recognition of your brand.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization helps in getting leads and brand recognition. Social engagements are not a ranking factor for Google, but will definitely help in ranking on other search engines which consider social engagements for rankings such as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Cost of SEO for Crypto or Blockchain Website

The cost of SEO for crypto or a blockchain website may vary from $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month. Pricing may vary from agency to agency and location to location.

However, in case one needs the best SEO service that provides a 1st-page ranking guarantee, we can be contacted.

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